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Current projects

3D Bioprinting of Patient-specific Heart Tissues using Stem Cells for Heart Failure Patients.

Generation of Patient-Specific induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for in vitro and in vivo Applications.

Novel Cardiac-Tailored Hydrogels for Bioprinted Human Heart tissues.

Personalized in vitro 3D Models of the Human Heart Microenvironment to Study Cardiovascular Biology, Physiology and Pathology.

In vitro and in vivo Models to Study Myocardial Injury and Heart Failure.

In vitro Models to Study Diabetic Cardiomyopathy in Humans.

Minimally-invasive medical devices for the optimal transplantation of 3D bioprinted patches in patients.

Safety Testing of Novel Compounds to Prevent Cardiotoxic Effects using Personalized in vitro Models of the Human Heart.

Cardiac Angiogenesis in vitro Models of the Human Heart.

The Role of the Nitric Oxide Signaling Pathway in Cardiovascular Regeneration.

Effects of Microgravity in 3D Bioprinted Physiological Heart Models.

Future projects

3D Bioprinted in vitro Models of Cancers.

The Roles Played by Neuronal Innervation in 3D Bioprinted Heart Tissues.

To apply for Honours, Master and PhD research projects, please see send an inquiry to Dr Gentile


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